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Your home is your castle, where your safety and the safety of your children and home is the most important. Mountain Eagle Security provides several residential security services to ensure you feel and remain safe when at home, or when you’re away. Our services for home security are offered to the entire Lower Mainland and Kootenays, as well as the surrounding areas. Our highly trained and licensed guards will be there to provide added security to your home, property or neighborhood and to serve as a physical protection presence to deter against violence, theft/burglary, abuse, vandalism or harassment.

Whether it’s an apartment building hall patrol, neighborhood patrol on bike or foot, a guard stationed inside your home or a mobile vehicle unit passing through your neighborhood several times during the night, with Mountain Eagle Security you can rest assured that we will be there to keep you safe.


Access control

Disaster Response

Elevator Control

Emergency Response

Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Checks

Playground Security

Tenant Escorts

Vacant House Monitoring



One thing no one wants to worry about when they go on vacation is their home. With our holiday home security service provided, you have the added comfort of knowing that your home is being checked while you are away. In most areas, as an additional service, we can provide internal checks, mail pick-up, and junk mail recycling. Our people are dedicated to your safety, and taking care of the people and property you value most in your life. Our customers trust us to help protect those things that cannot be replaced, remade or rebuilt.


Why Choose us?

  • We are fast, reliable and backed by over a century of experience.
  • Our highly trained professionals protect you and your property 24/7. 
  • We keep you informed of the activities on your property, constantly assess risk, preventing loss and managing emergencies.

Contact us today if you need Residential Security Services.

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