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At Mountain Eagle Security, we understand that timing is critical, and no one knows that more than our clients. When it comes to alarm response, our mobile unit driver’s focus is on rapid response.

The instant we receive an alarm notification, a mobile unit is dispatched to your business or home. A mobile patrol unit will arrive on-site within minutes, fully prepared to respond to almost any situation.

Once on-site, we will perform a full investigation of the area, including all entry points, and if all is well, the alarm will be cleared. If necessary, police will be notified. Further action depends on your prior instructions, the nature of the alarm and what the driver finds.

Afterward, a full incident report will be forwarded to you via fax, email, or mail.

In the event of a break in, local police will be notified immediately and we will remain onsite until the situation is resolved.

When you want fast, guaranteed alarm response, Mountain Eagle Security’s mobile patrol is the only choice.


Contact us today to book our Alarm Response Services for the Lower Mainland or the Kootenays. 

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