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Mountain Eagle Security has been providing mobile security services and vehicle patrol services in Cranbrook since 1988, and now  serving the entire Lower Mainland and Vancouver area. Mobile security services can prove to be an effective and indeed a cost-saving option. Our highly trained mobile unit drivers are dedicated to quality, reliable service and ensure that only excellence is provided to all of our clients. Rapid 24-hour communication with our operational personnel and near-constant motion enables us to provide the quickest response possible. With all of our units fully GPS-enabled, our location, and the path to yours is always known.

Our drivers will perform full-site patrols of your site or property in clearly marked patrol vehicles. Any criminal activity is immediately reported to the R.C.M.P. and a full incident report is completed. All reports are securely stored and, should it be necessary, these documents are admissible in court. 


Mountain Eagle Security operates a highly efficient mobile security fleet that utilizes GPS tracking technology.  Our mobile security services in the Lower Mainland and Kootenays are a cost saving solution that provides coverage when and where you need it, according to a schedule that you set, or on-demand, for the maximum level of control and flexibility.

Mobile Services including but not limited to:

Banks, Institutions, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Colleges, Universities, Apartment Buildings, Condos, Government Institutions, and Parking Lots.


Our security solutions ensure your safety is without delay. In addition to securing the property, we also provide:

Customized Patrol Schedules

Escorts for key holders

Foot, Bike & Vehicle Control

Gauge Checks

Locking & Unlocking services

Marked patrol units

Personal escort for night deposit

Rapid incident response

Site Patrol and checks

Vagrant Patrol

Benefits of Hiring Mobile Security and Vehicle Patrol Services 

The importance of security for your establishment cannot be overstated, especially when handling sensitive information or expensive products. Security services can:

  • Provide peace of mind: The presence of a security guard at a business location can provide peace of mind to the business owner, employees and customers.

  • Keeps premises under surveillance: Security guards keep your premises safe by patrolling your business or personal property and responding to alarms. 
  • 24- Hour Security: Our vehicle patrol services can provide around-the-clock security to your property or business. This means that even if the building is empty, it will be monitored for safety and security.

  • Providing Prevention: The security guard conducting the patrols are always on the move. This means that if there is any unwanted or illegal activity occurring on the premises, we can act on it before it is too late.

  • Cost Efficiency: Mobile patrol is often more cost effective than taking risks with theft or damage. Our vehicle patrol services are available to you when you need it.

Contact us today if you are looking for mobile security services in Cranbrook.


Vehicle Patrol Services ensures your property or business is safe and protected in every direction.

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